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i am constantly changing and growing and i guess that's a normal thing

I was hoping you’d save me from me [x]


Alexandra Levasseur (b. 1982, Shawinigan, Qc, Canada) - 1: Limbo #3, 2012  2: Dancer III, 2013  3: Summer Games II, 2012  4: Sonambula, 2011  5: Self-Sabotage II, 2013  6: Playing With Fire II, 2013  7: Croix, 2013  8: Pyromania, 2013  9: Burning Hands, 2013  10: Chassé Croisé, 2013     Drawings: Acrylics, Colored Pencils on Paper

Anonymous asked: hello! just wanted to tell you that i hope you have an amazing day today(or tomorrow) because you deserve it! you deserve to be happy and plus you are vv cute and judging by your posts, youre pretty fucking cool. i love you alot.

ahh thank you! it means a lot to me. i hope you have a good day as well 😘

Anonymous asked: Bruh, in the words of Nicki Minaj "fuck them skinny bitches, fuck them skinny bitches" you're beautiful just the way you are, dont let others tell you otherwise.

thank u so much :-)


Suddenly, it seems like everything one really need…fits easily into their wagon…


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matching colours

My high school health class reinforces the fact that i’m worthless and gross because I’m obese. If obese people would just exercise a little each day, they wouldn’t be obese! If obese people would just eat healthier, the wouldn’t be obese! 

It’s just so frustrating because I’ve struggled with my self esteem a lot and let me tell you, this health class is really fucking triggering some old habits. I don’t want to go back to eating 500 calories or less a day. I don’t want to go back to puking up every meal. 

The worst part is that I exercise for well over an hour each day and generally eat healthily. 


Juno x That ‘70’s Show x American Beauty


Ceilings and floors in Vatican City.


Body comparative #52 (1,2)